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If you are alive... You are ON a diet!

Hey CFDTSA! Your Paleo Challenge is coming to a close. The hard work of training in the gym and treating food as fuel I'm sure has given you gains you didn't think were possible.  As the official challenge comes to a close, the real challenge begins. The real challenge is to continue in your new found habits and lifestyle. 

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The 4 Things You Need To Stop Doing!

Crossfit Downtown Santa Ana sees our athletes not as mere bodies that have to get fit.  We see a whole person, a past, a present, and a potential future. We see fitness as one aspect of a well ordered life. We recognize the community of crossfit is a powerful and healthy thing. We seek to help athletes integrate Crossfit into a well ordered life that values character, sacrifice, community and health in general. If you can work on cutting out the four things above, you can own your journey in a new way.

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CrossFit Downtown Santa Ana - A New Beginning

A new sun rises in the City of Gold! CrossFit Downtown Santa Ana -- A New Fitness Community!

We are very excited to bring CrossFit to the beautiful city and people of Downtown Santa Ana and the greater Orange County area. We consider it a great privilege and honor to share in this journey with you! We welcome you to join our growing fitness community today.

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