FREE Intro to CrossFit

free 1-on-1 Sesssion • 60 MINUTES

In this private 1-on-1 session you will meet with one of our highly trained coaches and get a first-hand experience of what CrossFit DTSA is all about. Tour our facility, learn all about CrossFit training methodology, get a great workout in, and we will answer ALL of your questions and help you set manageable and realistic fitness goals--all in a FREE hour long session. Reserve your spot below!


CrossFit Foundations

4 Personal training sessions • 60 MINUTES (each session)

Our CrossFit Foundations course is the natural starting point for anyone brand new to CrossFit. It consists of 4 private training sessions designed to introduce you to the foundational movements and lifts we utilize in CrossFit training with a strong focus on proper form, mechanics and scaling options. 


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