If you are alive... You are ON a diet!

Hey CFDTSA! Your Paleo Challenge is coming to a close. The hard work of training in the gym and treating food as fuel I'm sure has given you gains you didn't think were possible.  As the official challenge comes to a close, the real challenge begins. The real challenge is to continue in your new found habits and lifestyle. 

I don't like the the phrase "going on a diet."  This little phrase is so deceptive and it is pregnant with the expectation of an end in sight. The fact of the matter is this: If you are alive, you are already on a diet. We want to maintain our dietary adjustments centered around our goals of being fit, active, and healthy. The Paleo challenge is designed to jumpstart new habits and a new way of looking at food as fuel... not necessarily recreation.  There are tons of great resources out there for you guys to continue learning and I have posted some of them below. 




Your habits will only stick if you know why you are doing what you are doing. It is the process of going from doing what "coach" tells me to do, to learning on your own and choosing it because you know what is best. Knowledge is power and learning about your diet and the right foods to eat will give you that drive to stick with the heathy habits.  Check out the short video below. It has some really good things to say. They talk a lot about the "Zone Diet" but don't get hung up on that. Focus on the useful tidbits of info that are super practical! Enjoy and well done on sticking with the challenge!