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Personal Training & Private Groups

  • Personal Training - $75/hour session

  • Private Group Training - $50/hour session per athlete

Personal training and private group sessions are opportunities for us to work more closely with our athletes or groups that are in need of more specific attention and programming. We also offer corporate discounts for local companies. Please email us at or call us (714) 497-3285 to get started today!

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CrossFit Downtown Santa Ana Classes

Classes fit up to 18 athletes:

Every CrossFit class is led by a certified CrossFit instructor and is exactly an hour in length. Typical hour long sessions consist of:

  • A dynamic stretching/movement prep portion

  • Skill development practice

  • Strength training or weightlifting

  • A Workout Of the Day (WOD)

  • Cool-down stretch/recovery

Class structure and individual programming can vary, but this serves as a basic template that one can expect when visiting CrossFit DTSA.